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Dionysus Creative + Creating Creators Internship 2024

Eight lucky K12 Foothill Consortium students are participating in a newly created skilled trades immersion developedby Amy Foell, San Gabriel Valley Economic Partnership Workforce Development Contractor. She completed the Harbor Freight Leadership Lab and received an award to implement a project to highlight careers in the trades. This internship is a collaboration with Dionysus Creative, Creating Creators, Peraton and Duarte High School.

Students level up professionally over the summer working directly with industry professionals blending fabrication days at Duarte High School’s shop with fieldtrips to Pasadena Playhouse, CBS, Lux Machina, including a personalized tour and lunch with Citrus College’s Construction Management Program and Theater Technology Program and last but not least JPL!

Hear what intern, Yvette Rojas, Digital Media Arts Academy student at Azusa High School has to say.

Foell: Why did you choose the Dionysus Creative + Creating Creators Internship?

Rojas: To continue my art journey and expand my portfolio, as well as experiencing something new such as building and learning to use different tools.

Foell: What did you know before the internship about using carpentry tools and building things?

Rojas: I knew a little about a few things, such as tools and techniques from my Dad. But this internship has taught me a lot more and has expanded my mind, from carpentry to even outside that to life skills.

Foell: What skill or ability are you hoping to improve through this internship?

Rojas: To improve my artistic skills in color theory helping to paint the murals. As well as learning to sketch out an idea to building it myself, with new materials and tools.

Foell: What careers and jobs interest you?

Rojas: I’m hoping to find something for myself that has to do with art, technology, and carpentry. I really like Mr. Tafoya’s company along with the Art Directors Guild that he’s in. It’s interesting and seems to have everything that I enjoy and see a career for myself.

Foell: What were your impressions of the Citrus College tour of Construction Management and the Theater Technology programs?

Rojas: I didn’t see myself going to college at all in the future but thanks to Mr. Tafoya and the field trip to Citrus College, it made me think about it more along with different career opportunities. I found it really fun and interesting. I really liked the insight of the construction class along with scenic design at Citrus.


Another phenomenal outcome from our skilled trades offering to student interns and is an invaluable externship for Sean Siks, our amazing carpentry teacher at Duarte High School, Not only does Siks co-supervise student interns in his shop this summer he is actively receiving an externship working alongside the Dionysus Creative team. Siks, is now more fluent in production methods used directly in entertainment production such as modular and easily adaptable builds along with an introduction to scenic art and finishing components according to Tafoya.

 Upward Mobility Starts Now

A handful of K12 Foothill Consortium advisors created our first entrepreneurship incubator; Reyna Valadez (San Gabriel Valley Project Access), Steve Rieger (City of Hope), Billy Chang (DiNo Computers), Sharelle Jones (City of Hope), Brenda Trainor (Frontier Trail), Peter Romero (Leonardo Apprentice Foundation), Amy Foell (San Gabriel Valley Economic Partnership) and Monrovia High School. This innovative internship guides student’s business ideas from conception to implementation. The goal is to provide pathways to business literacy and economic mobility. Valadez plans to invest in up to two of the strongest plans developed this summer by interns.

Last Tuesday interns toured Ferla Commercial Bikes in Azusa. Intern Supervisor and CTE teacher, Chris Huerta of Monrovia High School said “Students were able to see an idea carried out to a full fledged business. They were able to apply how something like Ferla carts could make their product stand out.”

JOIN US for Pitch Day this Thursday, July 18 from 11 am to 1pm at Monrovia High School. Students will pitch their businesses to prospective investors, mentors and other stakeholders please RSVP with Amy Foell. Space is limited.




The K12 Foothill Consortium made a short movie to highlight the Summer Internship Program.